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For The Fallen

So… I understand today is Leaf Day. I just don’t get it. Don’t we already have Earth Day or Arbor Day or whatever it is? A day for leaves just seems a bit too specialized. At least it’s celebrated only once every four years. And why is it in the [...]

Behind The Brown Door

Lately, a sign has been appearing in our office building on the door leading to the parking garage (actually, on the door leading into the first airlock to the parking garage; we have to go through two airlocks and three doors to actually get into the garage). The sign says QUIET PLEASE, DEPOSITION IN [...]

Under Prezzure

Back in this entry, I complained about how my Prius was getting far worse gas mileage since I got it back from the body shop following the bus accident. It was barely better than a non-hybrid. Loyal commenter and fellow Prius owner dgstan suggested checking the tire pressure, saying the body shop may have [...]

The Boredom Of The Chase

Is it mere coincidence that tonight I watched last night’s episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and then read a news article about the threat posed by killer robots? I think not.
BTW, I am enjoying the show, though possibly not as much as I should. I like that it has direction and [...]

Chicken Rock Paper Scissors

My Oscar wrap-up will have to wait, I guess. We got back from dining a bit late last night and only managed to watch the first couple of hours of the Academy Awards before we got just plain tuckered out. We’ll watch the rest in a few days. It’s impossible to avoid [...]

Puttin’ On The Glitz

Tune in tonight for an unprecedented second-post-in-a-day entry where I’ll blog live about the Academy Awards presentation. I’ll let you know what I think of the fashions, the writing, Jon Stewart’s jokes, the speeches, the production numbers, the tributes, the commercials, the mistakes… everything. All here, all live!
Just kidding. The gf and [...]

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