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The Unbearable Lightness Of Coke

One additional bit of infamation about the Mexico trip. I noticed that they don’t have Diet Coke down there. Instead, it’s called “Coca-Cola Light”. Similarly, there’s “Pepsi Light” instead of “Diet Pepsi”.
I’m not sure how the formulation is difference, except perhaps that there are more Cyclamates, but the Coke Light tasted way [...]

An Incomplete Guide To Kayaking: Part 4

This is a continuation of my series of blog entries on the albums of the Dutch progressive rock band Kayak. To see the previous entries, do a blog search (that little box on the top right) for the word “kayaking”.
Phase 2: Prog Pop (1975-1977)
Starlight Dancer
This is the last album in what I call Kayak’s [...]

Suckling At The Green Teat

Pet Peeve of the Day: The shortage of 5-oz bottles of Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce in our local food stores. For some reason, most of the grocery stores around here (both Safeway and King Soopers) only carry the 2-oz bottles lately. I’m addicted to this (relatively) mild jalapeno pepper sauce and put it [...]

Have More Sun, Please

We got a little snow here yesterday…
So I’ve uploaded the final batch of Cancún trip photos to the Flickr trip set. I haven’t posted all the photos we took by any means, but some get rather repetitive. And of course once you get back from a trip and look at the photos you [...]

Fond Memories Of Violent Times

So what are you doing to celebrate the release of Grand Theft Auto IV this Tuesday? Will you be waiting in line at you local Best Buy when the doors open? Will you steal a car to get there? Beat up a hooker and take her money so you’ll have some cash [...]

I’m Bugged

Pet Peeve of the Day: The CW Network has taken to doing large bugs at the bottom of the screen to promote future shows. On non-widescreen standard def showings, I assume the bug is in the bottom right corner, like normal bugs. Although it’s bigger and more obnoxious than normal bugs. But [...]

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