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Fielding The Sound

Yeah, I know. I thought I was getting back into this whole blogging thing when I started in with the CD Archiving posts. But then there was a family crisis (ask me for the password), and the aftermath of that has been taking up a lot of my time, and will continue to [...]

CD Archiving 4: Adventures In Modern Mass Storage

An essential part of my CD archiving adventure is not only having sufficient disk space to store the FLAC and MP3 files, but also enough space on a separate drive to store backups of them. Heaven forbid I should lose all the files in a hard drive crash and have to start all over [...]

CD Archiving 3: The Write Tools

This series could go on forever, so I figure I should list up front the process and tools I’m using. That way, if anyone wants to jump in and emulate what I’m doing, this can be used as the go-to guide. I’ll go into the details in subsequent entries. And boy, there [...]

CD Archiving 2: Flac Racket

In part 1 of this series, I posed the question of what to do about archiving my CD collection to my PC if I wasn’t going to use the MP3 format? That wasn’t strictly the right question, since my desired target solution still involved MP3s as part of the equation. There’s two issues [...]

CD Archiving 1: It Helps To Become Obsessed

In the previous post, I talked about how I’m no longer buying CDs and just sticking to digital downloads. But what about the 4100+ CDs I already own? What am I going to do about those? That gets to the heart of the matter of my latest passion and one reason why [...]

Upgrade Mania

Finally got around to upgrading my WordPress installation for this blog from 2.6 to 2.8. I really hated 2.6, and it looks like 2.8 is a lot better, especially in the post composition department. Upgrade was smoother too – I had database problems with the last one. So far it looks to [...]

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