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Sometimes It All Just Comes Together

It’s been a long time. I stopped blogging around the same time that I realized most of my blog entries could be summed in Twitter-sized microbursts and were just as entertaining to me. All of the self amusement with only 1/20th of the time spent doing it. Win-win, especially for those who felt obligated [...]

Kink In America

One of the positive benefits of digitally archiving all my CDs is that I get to hear a lot of things that I haven’t heard in (literally) decades. The iPod in my car is set up with a random playlist of things added to iTunes in the last year, so it’s mostly a mix [...]

CD Archiving 5: Milestone A

I’ve just reached a milestone in my CD Archiving project. You didn’t think I was still doing that, did you? Actually, with everything else going on, that kind of got put by the wayside. I’ve been starting it back up again lately. And guess what… I just finished archiving all the [...]

Fielding The Sound

Yeah, I know. I thought I was getting back into this whole blogging thing when I started in with the CD Archiving posts. But then there was a family crisis (ask me for the password), and the aftermath of that has been taking up a lot of my time, and will continue to [...]

CD Archiving 3: The Write Tools

This series could go on forever, so I figure I should list up front the process and tools I’m using. That way, if anyone wants to jump in and emulate what I’m doing, this can be used as the go-to guide. I’ll go into the details in subsequent entries. And boy, there [...]

CD Archiving 2: Flac Racket

In part 1 of this series, I posed the question of what to do about archiving my CD collection to my PC if I wasn’t going to use the MP3 format? That wasn’t strictly the right question, since my desired target solution still involved MP3s as part of the equation. There’s two issues [...]

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