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Bye Bye Blackhawks

Again, sorry about being lax with the blog updates, but I have a good excuse. I’ve been vacationing in Florida for two weeks. Okay, you caught me, that’s a lie. Well, it’s kind of the truth, since I live vicariously through others. I’ve also been fighting wildfires in Australia.
Some of you [...]

But No Mention Of Lasagne

Some more odds and ends…
I can’t believe it, but I actually laughed at a Garfield strip in the paper this morning:

This seems like a throwback to the original Garfield strips, which were actually, y’know, funny at times. Hard to believe, but true.
Or maybe my sense of humor is just getting… old. That must [...]

My Meme Is Legion

I haven’t posted in awhile. Too much time spent at the gym getting buff, I guess. But here’s a few odds and ends.
Firstly (via ADS), for every blog that posts the new Neko Case song, she’ll donate $5 to the Best Friends Animal Society. So, here’s my contribution. It helps that [...]

The Brash And The Brazen

Cartoon Network has a new weekly Batman animated series called The Brave and The Bold. It’s named after the old (and recently revived comic book series) that for most of its run featured Batman teaming up with other heroes. The cartoon follows that theme. So far, it’s seen Batman team up with [...]

Televised Fairy Tales

No time for a longer blog entry lately. But I did want to mention about how ABC is going to do a pilot based on the DC/Vertigo comic book series Fables, which I wrote about while back. Seems like a pretty good fit for TV, as it wouldn’t require a lot of special [...]

Not So Final Frontieresque

Pet Peeve of the Day:
The Flying McCoys, 12/2/2008:

The name of the TV show/movie is Sex and the City, not Sex in the City. Why can’t the non-fans ever get that right?? Sheesh.
And who’s the dude on the far left?
Poignant Search Term Of The Day That Led To This Blog: “phobia that starts with [...]

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