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Yes, even though this blog is, for all intents and purposes, dead (or at least the approval rating has dropped like Leno’s ratings), I feel I must mark the anniversary anyway. Six years, woo hoo! Of course, there hasn’t been much going on here for the last year.
The thing is, I do have [...]

And I Feel Fine

This past weekend, I went out and saw the disaster-porn flick 2012. I know, I know… but I have some gift cards to use up, and it looked like pretty eye candy. Well, if you consider the end of the planet to be eye candy… which in the hands of Roland Emmerich [...]

Channeling Inappropriate Content

I’m taking a break from my very exciting CD Archiving series to bring you this special Pet Peeve of the Day: The television sets at the local fitness center that I frequent.
First of all, on any given day, a few of them will be off/out of order. Currently 2 of out 10 are completely [...]

Vision Quest

Some of you may remember my anti-LASIK tirade from a few years ago. Since then, my eyes have continued to get worse, both the near and distance vision. The steady deterioration of my near vision means that I have to wear reading glasses for almost any closeup work. My distance vision is [...]

A Long List of Songs

Still alive. Still very busy. Still working a lot. Still not sleeping. Still totally stressed. Lots and lots of transitions hitting all at once. Really not feeling the blog thing any more (or even Twitter), which I knew would happen once I stopped daily posting. At least N [...]

Forced Air Venting

It occurs to me that I haven’t posted in awhile. It’s not because I’m depressed about the Rocky Mountain News shutting down. I am depressed, or more accurately, stressed about many other things, and by not blogging I eliminate one source of stress. So what’s sapping my time and resources?
List of current [...]

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