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And I Feel Fine

This past weekend, I went out and saw the disaster-porn flick 2012. I know, I know… but I have some gift cards to use up, and it looked like pretty eye candy. Well, if you consider the end of the planet to be eye candy… which in the hands of Roland Emmerich [...]

Doubting Faith In Dog

Since N got back, we’re trying to catch up on DVDs that we both want to watch. While she was gone, I watched a lot of noisy, violent movies, but now it’s back to the dramatic quieter flicks.
This weekend we watched two features. The first one was Doubt, which is about a scandal [...]

Depth-Defying Dorkiness

Pet Peeve of the Day: The Third Dimension.
Oh, it can be cool and everything, but will it ever really rise above “gimmick” status? James Cameron says (I think) that all his movies are going to be 3D from now on, which probably explains why it takes him ten years to make one. Yeah, [...]

The Antimatter Star Chamber

Pet Peeve of the Day: Hollywood Elitism. First, because of last year’s nominations, I ended up watching Atonement. That’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back. And now this.
That’s it. I’ve had it. I give up. I’m not going to watch the Academy Awards this year. This [...]

Pride of the Valkyries

The girlfriend bought me a movie theater gift card for Christmas (among other things), so since I’ve been on vacation this week I availed myself of its use and went to see the latest Tom Cruise revival vehicle Valkyrie. I kind of wanted to seen The Curious Case of Benjamin B*tton more, but since [...]

Strange Japanese Beer Product Placement

I’ve been catching up on my DVDs and Blu-Rays lately. One DVD I bought a few years ago (I believe on the recommendation of the villain) was The Great Yokai War. I finally got around to watching that one last night. It’s a live action Japanese movie geared towards kids, yet it’s [...]

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