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Sometimes It All Just Comes Together

It’s been a long time. I stopped blogging around the same time that I realized most of my blog entries could be summed in Twitter-sized microbursts and were just as entertaining to me. All of the self amusement with only 1/20th of the time spent doing it. Win-win, especially for those who felt obligated [...]

Fielding The Sound

Yeah, I know. I thought I was getting back into this whole blogging thing when I started in with the CD Archiving posts. But then there was a family crisis (ask me for the password), and the aftermath of that has been taking up a lot of my time, and will continue to [...]

CD Archiving 3: The Write Tools

This series could go on forever, so I figure I should list up front the process and tools I’m using. That way, if anyone wants to jump in and emulate what I’m doing, this can be used as the go-to guide. I’ll go into the details in subsequent entries. And boy, there [...]

CD Archiving 1: It Helps To Become Obsessed

In the previous post, I talked about how I’m no longer buying CDs and just sticking to digital downloads. But what about the 4100+ CDs I already own? What am I going to do about those? That gets to the heart of the matter of my latest passion and one reason why [...]