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NaBloPoMo Post-Mortem

Freedom, sweet freedom! Well, I did it. Here we are at Day 30 of National Blog Posting Month. Hooray for me! What do I get? Isn’t there a medal or a badge or something? Even though it was a bit of a struggle at times, I had no doubt I could [...]

Name That Moral

Once upon a time, there were two monks on opposite sides of the world. Brother Gabriel belonged to a monastery in Germany that brewed beer. Brother Matthew lived in a monastery in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Brother Gabriel’s job was to grow the hops for the beer, and he was [...]

Sp*nking, Kids, Teens, God

Update: Due to web searches from individuals looking for some questionable kinky thrills constantly landing on this blog entry, I have edited it and the comments to replace a letter in a particular word (in all its forms) with an asterisk (*). I think you can still figure out the word.
So, Massachusetts is considering [...]

My City

I’ve lived in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado since I came here from Rockford, Illinois 37 [Edit: Not 27 like I originally posted] years ago when I was 10 years old. I can’t imagine living any place else. Oh, there are other places that are nice. I love to visit San Francisco, [...]

I Don’t Like Cyber Mondays

But I do like lasagna. But I’m only happy when it rains.
I didn’t take advantage of Cyber Monday, even though I’m kind of in the market for a cheap laptop. Like with Black Friday, I just really couldn’t handle the crowds. Oh, I did get onto Amazon.com for a little while, but after [...]

Bare Guitar And Plastic Cellos

Karaoke, what have you wrought?
At my family’s Thanksgiving Day celebration, I finally got to play Guitar Hero for the first time. It was Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock on my nephews’ Wii. I tried “Rock Me Like A Hurricane” a couple of times and totally tanked. My nephews laughed at me and [...]

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