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Shuffling Down The Street

Posted on | October 11, 2007 at 7:01 pm | 1 Comment

See? If I miss even one day, then I get out of my routine and who knows when I’ll post again…

Anyway, I’ve still got a lot going on, most of it very bad, but I wanted to check in and mention how I’ve finally started using my new iPod nano 3G for jogging. I did what I said I would do in this post, and made a smart playlist in iTunes that’s perfect for running. It only has songs with a fast tempo (over 125 BPM). The songs are chosen randomly from nearly 20,000 tunes, limited to the amount that would fill up the nano. It works great, except that I still need to do some tweaking on it. I should limit it to short songs (under 4-5 minutes would be good) and I need to take out some of the stuff that I have in iTunes that I really never want to hear, especially while running. For example, one of the first songs that popped up this morning was a song from The Fall (”Neighborhood of Infinity (live)”). That was an unpleasant surprise. I had forgotten that I downloaded a bunch of Fall albums from eMusic awhile back, in a sincere effort to try to get into them, since so many of my musical peers really like them. It still didn’t take, but I left all those tracks in iTunes anyway. I do have to admit that there’s something about The Fall that makes their music appropriate for running. Although it’s kind of spastic running. But it’s easy to remove those tracks by unchecking them in iTunes.

I still don’t have a case / belt clip / armband for the nano (I’ve ordered the Marware Sportsuit Convertible for it, like I have for my old iPod). Though just jogging with it in my shorts pocket worked just fine – it didn’t even bang up against my genitalia like I feared. And best of all: No Skipping, no matter how much it moved around. Yeah! I still need some protection for it though for when the weather turns cold and nasty, which will be soon.

So, thumbs up on the nano! The one drawback is since the screen and font are tinier than on my old 3G iPod “classic”, it’s really hard for me to read the song info while I’m jogging without my reading glasses. At least with the old iPod I could sort of do it if I held it at arm’s length and squinted a lot. Not so with this one, even though the display is brighter. Oh well, I can always figure out what the song was when I get home. (And yes, I often don’t know the song title during these random track listening sessions – sometimes I can’t even identify the band without looking!)

Pet Peeve Of The Day: Unadjustable font sizes! What about us oldsters? You’d think all technology was made for the young whippersnappers these days.



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  1. editrix
    October 11th, 2007 @ 8:52 pm

    Hooray for the Nano and Marware Sportsuit C onvertible! Both are the rockinest for exercise, I’ve found. I also like my transparent iSkin for when I need less protection (and want less bulk, say when traveling) and want the purty crimson color to show.

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