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Frogs Reducks?

Posted on | March 7, 2008 at 9:36 pm | Comments Off

Froggy OrgyRumor has it that Reign of Frogs bandmate DJ Smallberries and his wife will be moving back from Mississippi to Denver this summer. Does this mean that there’s a band reunion in the offing? Some new material after 8 years? Hmmmmm…. never say never…

Jogged Today: Yes (@ 30°F)
Songs That Came Up On The iPod While Jogging:

  • “Meaning” (China Drum)
  • “In My Dreams” (Scanners)
  • “Kill the Power” (Snowden)
  • “Holding Me Down” (Buzzcocks)
  • “Mozart Sonatas” (Loud Family)
  • “Desperate Man” (Chris Stamey)
  • “Boys Wanna Fight” (Garbage)

Lots more people out jogging and walking this morning, even though with the wind chill factor it was possibly colder than yesterday when it was 16° and there was no one out.



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